16. Questionnaire for your Church: Boosting the Prayer Meeting

As a church family, we want to encourage you to reflect upon and discuss how, together, we can “boost” the church’s prayer life. Please fill out the following questionnaire and return it to the person responsible for prayer in your Church. The results will allow us to see how we can mutually encourage one another, share ideas and means, and also how to encourage community prayer. This survey will take you no more than four minutes. Your response will help us to motivate and enrich the prayer life of this church and the Church more generally.

A. Attendance at the prayer meeting at your church in comparison to attendance at Sunday worship?

  1. 100% – 80%
  2. 80% – 50%
  3. 50% – 20%
  4. 20% – 1%
  5. Other: ____________________________________

B. Why do think more people attend Sunday worship than the prayer meeting?

  1. It doesn’t work well with people’s schedules
  2. The meeting is badly organised
  3. There’s a lack of motivation
  4. Praying isn’t a priority for people
  5. Other:___________________________________

C. Why is praying so important for the life of the Church?

  1. It unites us and weaves links between our hearts
  2. It’s a source of spiritual power
  3. It helps us to think about others
  4. It comforts us
  5. Other:___________________________________

D. What are the attributes of a good prayer meeting organiser?

  1. They have been trained to do it
  2. They encourage the largest number of people to pray
  3. They are dynamic
  4. They use a Bible passage to encourage prayer
  5. Other:___________________________________

E. What makes a good prayer meeting?

  1. When there is a relaxed atmosphere
  2. When we pray for mission work
  3. When it isn’t too long
  4. When I share my prayer subjects
  5. Other:___________________________________

F. Training for running the prayer meeting.
Has the person running your prayer meeting received training to do so?

  • Yes
  • No

G. Do you think such training would be useful or necessary?

  • Yes
  • No

Other remarks and ideas to encourage community prayer:

“The greatest thing anyone can do for God and man is pray.” (D.S. Gordon)