Impact and effectiveness of prayer!

Read the Bible, study Church History and you will discover that prayer is the hidden influence and power that changed the course of events, people and the world. Is it not true? Prayer opens doors, softens hearts, releases blessing, thrusts out labourers into the great harvest field. More has been done through prayer than the world has ever dreamed of! Prayer is an eternal investment (Revelation 8.1-4). The greatest thing we can do for God and for man is pray! Agreed?

What is a seminar on prayer?

  • A time to understand how to pray, why pray, when to pray.
  • A pleasant time in the presence of God.
  • A time for Bible teaching and practical application.
  • An opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

Why attend a seminar on prayer?

  • Understand what prayer is.
  • Get tools to overcome obstacles: concentration, discouragement, fatigue.
  • Learn how to structure and motivate your prayer life.
  • Get ideas to help you pray as a couple or family.
  • Learn to progress and deepen your prayer life.
  • Learn to pray for the first time: where to start!
  • Learn how God listens and answers prayers.
  • Discover the different dimensions of prayer: worship, confession, meditation, thanksgiving, intercession…

Please note that there are four different seminars on prayer. We would advise you to take them in chronological order. However, we are flexible! Each seminar lasts six hours. On arrival each participant will receive a manual which will be used during the seminar.

“The greatest thing we can do for God and for man is… Pray!”

Content of each seminar on prayer

Seminar 1: Back to Basics, Back to God

  • Motivation for personal prayer
  • How to cultivate and deepen your prayer life.
  • Answers to prayer in the Bible.
  • Learning from the “spiritual giants”: Saint Augustin, John Knox, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Zinzendorf, George Müller, Hudson Taylor, George Verwer, etc.
  • Five fundamental principles for effective prayer.
  • How to spend an hour with God.
  • How to organize your prayer life.

Seminar 2: At the Heart of Prayer

  • Learning to pray with others in the Church
  • Prayer in the Church, based on the book of Nehemiah
  • The structure and content of our prayers
  • The power of prayer
  • Biblical principles for revival: the roots and branches!
  • Overcoming the enemy in the spiritual battle
  • How to nourish our prayers with the Word of God.

Seminar 3: Available for God

  • A Biblical approach to fasting
  • Panoramic view of fasting in the Bible
  • The wrong way to fast, the right way to fast (Isaiah 58)
  • Biblical foundation for fasting: Jesus, Paul…
  • Why and how to fast? Is fasting a command?
  • Fasting and your health: What does the doctor say?
  • Fasting in Church History
  • Practical advice and hints about fasting

Seminar 4: I believe in prayer

  • How to prepare the prayer meeting
  • Prayer rooted in God
  • How to intercede for the needs of the world.
  • How to motivate Christians to attend the prayer meeting
  • How to “kill” the prayer meeting
  • How to cultivate a compassion for souls
  • 3O practical ideas to help revive the prayer meeting
  • The different dimensions of prayer: Worship, thanksgiving, meditation, confession, intercession, nourrish our prayers with the Word
  • Tools to help and encourage you revive your prayer meeting

What participants thought about the seminar!

“This seminar impressed me because of its scope and spiritual depth. As a result of the seminar on prayer I accepted the challenge to deepen and improve the quality of my prayer life.” — Pastor David Dixon

“It was clear, practical, biblical, and dynamic. In a word: a tonic. Do not miss the opportunity to attend this seminar!” — Catherine

“I appreciated the balance between the theory of prayer and the practice of prayer.” — Helene

“At the seminar I received a new vision of prayer: its power and purpose. I went home refreshed, challenged, and determined to give quality time to prayer. At the seminar God kindled in my heart the flame of prayer. It was a powerful encouragement to me.” — Jacques

“At the seminar I made a commitment to make prayer a priority. Now I rise 30 minutes earlier than usual to spend time with God. With my wife we made the decision to pray together every day. That’s practical! Agreed?” — Jack

“The seminar was too short! There were times of worship, intercession, singing, teaching from the Scriptures, times of prayer, group discussion and we had opportunity to ask questions. This seminar changed my life. If you can, register today!”
If you would like to participate in one of these seminars, then make direct contact with Ian Smith who will inform you of the dates and give you advice if you would like organize a seminar on prayer. — John


If you would like to participate in one of these seminars, then make direct contact with us.  If you would like organize a seminar on prayer please make contact with us on: