Books by Ian Newberry

Back to Basics, Back to God — Personal Prayer

This book gives practical ideas on how to organize and deepen your prayer life: Motivation for prayer, Some of the different dimensions of prayer: Worship, Confession, Praying with the Bible, protection, intercession, requests, thanksgiving, listening, etc. Examples about the effectiveness of prayer in the Bible, in Church History, and today. This practical manual is like a “tool kit” that will help you enjoy your prayer time. Prayer is the greatest and noblest thing we can do for God and for man.



At the Heart of Prayer — Prayer in a group

This is a manual concerning prayer in the Church. It is a study of the book of Nehemiah with practical applications that relate to prayer in the Church: Preparation before action. Opposition. The source of revival. This book will help you deepen your personal prayer life and also prayer with others in the Church. This practical manual can be studied alone or in a group.




I Believe in Prayer – How to revive the prayer meeting

Peter Maiden’s recommendation concerning this book: “Ian Newberry has never ceased to challenge me in that most difficult area of my Christian life, my prayer life. This book not only gives that challenge but also offers real practical help in reviving your Church prayer meeting. It’s biblical, it’s extremely practical – A book not only to be read but to do!”

  • Thirty practical ideas to help you revive the prayer meeting.
  • How to prepare the prayer meeting.
  • How to motivate the participants.
  • How to cultivate passion and compassion
  • How to structure the prayer meeting
  • How to intercede effectively: twenty-two different themes.
  • How to develop a world vision


Available for God

Is fasting relevant to modern Christian living?

What are the physical benefits and dangers of going without food? What place has fasting held in Church history?

How does biblical fasting differ from fasting practised in other religions?

Available for God explores, from a biblical, medical and practical angle, why fasting is an important but neglected aspect of Christian spirituality. Biblical fasting means making ourselves completely available for God. This helpful volume will encourage you to think, pray and set time apart to be in God’s presence and be fed by His Word.


Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

What are the words that spring into your mind when we use the word: “fruit”? Vitality, energy, growth.

To acquire good spiritual health, the Bible recommends nine different fruits of the Spirit according to Galatians 5:22. Each fruit is unique, interdependent, complementary, and inseparable. This book will give you access to the source and root that will enable you to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit. For personal or group study.