Cultivate your prayer life

Prayer is good, and pleases God

“The greatest thing anyone can do for God and man is pray.” (D.S. Gordon). I believe this statement is true. Why? When I pray, God transforms me; he gives me another perspective about myself, my circumstances and the world. In addition, when I pray, I express my confidence in God’s ability to act in my stead. Praying increases my faith and, at the same time, alleviates my worries and anguish, and sows a profound peace in my mind, heart and sprit. Paul says to Timothy, and to me and you, that prayer “is good, and pleases God our Saviour” (1Timothy 2:3).Here are some articles which will help you to cultivate, develop and improve your prayer life. If one you find one of the articles helpful, why not pass it on to a friend or to your pastor for it to be included in your church’s handout?

  1. Praying is exciting!
  2. The seven facets of prayer
  3. Understanding the goal of prayer: the glory of God
  4. Jesus provides us with the perfect model for praying!
  5. Ideas to enrich my prayer life
  6. Why praying is difficult sometimes
  7. God can achieve the impossible with your prayers!
  8. The Bible’s place and role in our prayers
  9. The source of spiritual awakening: a burning heart!
  10. Praying as a family
  11. How to pray for our Brothers and Sisters: subjects
  12. How to pray for a brother or sister using a passage from the Bible
  13. Praying for intellectuals
  14. Rekindling the passion for prayer
  15. Why we need to place prayer at the heart of the Church again
  16. Questionnaire for your church: Boosting the prayer meeting
  17. Prayer is at the heart of mission work, prayer is the mission!