Who are we?

Who are we and what is our objective ?

This organization was founded on the 25th January 1996 by a team of Christians who wanted to kindle the flame of prayer in the hearts of God’s people and also in the Church. Our motto: “the greatest thing a man or woman can do for God and for man is: pray”!

What are our activities ?

In response to invitations from Churches, we organize seminars on prayer, in different countries of the world. We propose four different seminars all on the subject of prayer:

  1. Back to basics, back to God. Personal prayer.
  2. At the Heart of prayer. Prayer in the Church.
  3. Available for God. Prayer and fasting.
  4. How to lead and revive the prayer meeting.
  5. How to cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit
  6. How to cultivate your inner garden
  7. Encouragement: its sources, power and effectiveness
  8. Taking care of your heart

A seminar on prayer is a pleasant time in the presence of God which includes singing, teaching, discussion groups, times to ask questions and sharing experiences! Since 1984 over 90000 people have attended a seminar on prayer!

Goals of our organization

  1. Help people deepen and cultivate their personal prayer life.
  2. Give people practical tools to help them pray
  3. Revive prayer in the local Church
  4. Change the world through prayer!
  5. Become more like Christ

Our approach and philosophy of prayer

  • Prayer rooted in Scripture. The Bible must be our “prayer manual”. We want our prayer life to be moulded by Scripture.
  • Our prayer life should be lived out in the context of the local Church
  • Our prayer life should embrace the world vision and reach to the ends of the earth.

Would you like to cultivate your prayer life? Deepen your prayer life? Why not attend a seminar or organize a prayer seminar in your Church or fellowship? Why not make contact with us via  seminaires.prières@gmail.com